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Digital Marketing

In this digital age, the best way to reach clients is through the internet. I can create renderings and animations optimized for and of your marketing needs. From Facebook ads and Amazon product imagery to website info-graphics and everywhere in between, get perfect artwork to capture your target audience!

Print Design

Few things can make your product look better than a high-quality print. The vibrancy and depth that printed work can produce is second to none. Print work has many unique considerations such as color format and range, but rest assured that I have your needs covered!

Video Production

Adding product fly-around and exploded views to your video marketing is a sure fire way to catch attention. It can make the difference between a mediocre marketing attempt and a revenue generating investment. Let me help you leave a professional impression on your consumers!

My Work

Who I am

Wichita Based 3D Artist

I love art and creating! I began my journey into computer arts in 1999, inspired by the visual effects of movies such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park. By 2002, as a sophomore in high school, I was comfortable enough to begin my career as a freelance artist. Since then, I have exceeded expectations of hundreds of clients from around the world. I have expanded my skill-set and education to include 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Lighting, Software Development, and Web Development.

The ever evolving and changing field of computer arts has always kept me captivated. With each project, I find new ways to do things. With each software release, the tools available grow. After 20 years of CG experience, I am still amazed and inspired everyday by the growing communities of talented artists sharing their work and knowledge. This world is alive with possibilities and breathes inspiration!

Battle Tested Digital Toolbox!


For the majority of my workflow I use Blender, an open source 3D Modeling and animation suite. In addition to this, I use the Substance Suite of tools registered on a perpetual license to texturing and material projects. This means no software subscription or upgrade fees, resulting in no software overhead. What does this mean for you? This mean those savings are pass on to clients in the form of lower rates!


In addition to software tools, I use a variety of addition tools to ensure the highest quality of work. Among these tool are measuring devices, (such as calipers to guarantee accurate dimensions and proportions), photography tools (Professional Grade DSLR photography to create true-to-life textures, environment maps, and photogrametry modeling of assets), and digital tools (Such at a pressure sensitive graphics tablet for fine control of digital texturing and sculpting in detailed work). All of these tools translate into higher quality, faster, and more accurate projects.


Photo-realistic rendering requires massive processing power. This is often times the slowest part of the process. To combat this, I have an arsenal of computer systems arranged on a dedicated rendering farm. This mean I am free to complete work while this node network quickly and quietly processes and renders the final output. This means lower downtime and faster project turnaround times.

My Work

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